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Masaje reductive against cellulite and flaccidity

The reductive massage aims to prevent localized fat accumulation and improve the contours of the figure, in order to achieve an aesthetic character. This treatment is ideal to eliminate unwanted localized fat deposits. In this type of massage, the regions with the highest percentage of body fat can be treated with heat, and specific movements, which help to remove that fat. The movements and massage techniques help to increase circulation and metabolism to absorb fat and increase calories burned by increased motor activity.
It is very important that the body treatments are accompanied by a diet and movements, to get the results, and improve, that are caused by the treatment.

Approximate duration 45 minutes – 90 CH F

Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a special massage with a much more direct effect on the lymphatic system, responsible for eliminating toxins and maintaining the immune system. Its effect can be felt, because it improves microcirculation and prevents cellulite.

The lymphatic system acts as a cleanser, but also serves for the protection and defense of the body, so it plays an important role in the nutrition of tissues, and especially its cleansing effect, which can be felt on the skin.
The session lasts between 50 minutes and 1 hour and combines strong and gentle movements, during which time the legs, thighs, back, neck, arms, hands and face are covered.

Duration approximately 60 minutes – 120 CHF

Therapeutic massage

This massage includes handles, which are performed in an orderly manner on a certain area of the body, compressive stretching, and stretching is performed rhythmically.
Therapeutic massage is considered passive, where the patient is treated while in a relaxed state. It is important to note that the goals of these techniques are not only therapeutic but also preventive.
Because the massage involves most of the skin’s surface, it removes oily impurities and simultaneously eliminates dead cells that have accumulated on the skin. On the other hand, it promotes perspiration, thus cleansing the sweat glands.

Relaxing Massage

Find the time and treat yourself to a massage once a week to improve your quality of life

Massages increase the release of endorphins, hormones that act as natural antidepressants in the body and people will have a positive feeling of serenity and well-being.

Takes about 60 minutes – 120 CHF

Back massage

A traditional massage with powerful movements stimulates blood flow and at the same time releases tense muscles.
Duration approx. 45 minutes – 90 CHF

Sports massage

A full body massage with strong pressure to solve deep relaxations.
Takes about 60 minutes – 120 CH

Medical massage

Especially for physical pain caused by exercise, cold, old age, stress, fatigue, etc.
Takes about 60 minutes – 120 CHF

Body Treatments

Body Treatments

How to remove cellulite and localized fat: cavitation, radiofrequency and acupressure, alternative techniques to liposuction without surgery


In this article we will analyze the existing techniques to eliminate cellulite and localized fat in a non-invasive way, that is, without surgery. We will see the benefits of applying treatments of recognized use in the world of aesthetics: cavitation, radiofrequency and pressotherapy, both individually and in combination, and why they are a real alternative to liposuction without surgery.

Reductive technology encompasses all those aesthetic treatment devices aimed at reducing body fat mass, that is, to eliminate localized fat and cellulite.

Without surgery technologies applied to this purpose, they are of various types. In this case, we will focus on the three most developed and effective: cavitation (ultra-cavitation), radio frequency, and pressure therapy.

These three treatments do not understand age, there is no contraindication in this regard, but we do not recommend these reducing treatments before the patient has completed the development unless your doctor tells you.


Cavitation is a physical phenomenon well known in the world of engineering for its erosive effects on propellers, bridge piers, engine valves, etc.

His knowledge has allowed us a desirable employment in other industrial, medical and aesthetic techniques, as today we will develop.

A more technical definition of cavitation “is a physical phenomenon of acoustic resonance that occurs when a certain sound frequency in a solid medium is issued. Such a specific frequency emitted power, resonance starts molecules solid structure to which it is directed (fat), generating a large amount of nano-bubbles, unlike conventional ultrasound. These grow to a size where they become unstable and implode in the cavities of interstitial fluid into the fat structure.    The implosion of the nano-bubbles is a great release of energy that generates high pressure on the adjacent adipocyte cell membrane, breaking it and releasing blood molecules and glycerol fatty acids that comprise it. Is achieved by both the breakdown of fat selectively molecule and no other.

Thus, cavitation applied to aesthetic causes destruction of the fat cell and manages to transform the most compact fat in a more fluid element, which will be eliminated by the body through the lymphatic system and urine.

We should mention recent university studies show that the most effective fat removal “liquada” post-Cavitation is through exercise, so it becomes essential to do so to enhance treatment outcome and prevent grease can re-deposited. The absence of this exercise is sufficient for a treatment can lessen their effectiveness cause. A half hour walk after the session of cavitation is the minimum required.

Cavitation, ultrasonic cavitation, or ultra-cavitation, is a term that does not always enjoy a good reputation. The explosion of a business model so attracti

ve rival surgery, is heavily criticized though surprisingly used by his critics.

Cavitation is a physical fact and aesthetic application is tested with conclusive results: Cavitation achieves the same effects as liposuction but without the risk of invasive surgery.

This reality is making treatment increasingly is more used to remove cellulite and body fat of typical male and female parts.

To apply cavitation expert training Beautician, an equipment of a first mark to ensure that the frequencies and power levels are appropriate, a doctor to follow protocol, a proven reducer cosmetic and especially a post-treatment based on burning is required fats, ie exercise that the patient must meet.

Cavitation is indicated for the reduction of the orange peel and removing cellulite nodules, provided that the person being treated is at least 3 cm of fat in the area. Cavitation session is done in specific areas and small (the size of a sheet) and the best results are obtained on thighs, hips and stomach. On average, a treatment would be completed after 8-15 sessions but from the first 5 sessions and stable changes can be observed in terms of volume, state fat and overall improvement in the appearance of the skin.


The radio frequency technique is based on the electromagnetic waves applied to the skin, because a rapid rotational movement of the water molecules, that friction generates heat. The higher or lower heat production depends on the impedance of the treaty, ie, tissue skin type. This temperature increase is largely responsible for the results.

Radiofrequency treatments are indicated for:

• A facial level: Lifting performing, skin tightening, rejuvenation (antiaging), refining pores, wrinkle removal, light enhancement and improvement of dark circles and bags.

• A body level: reduction of stretch marks and body lipo-sculpture, amelioration or elimination of superficial cellulitis (less than 3 cm of fat) and microcirculation in the area.

The number of sessions can be one or more, depending on the goal you want to achieve the patient. If minimal treatment is feasible Flash undergo a facial or body treatment that, through a single session, the result can hold up to four or five days.

If what is sought is a deep treatment, with longer-term results, you must complete treatment performed. In the case of facial care we are talking about between 8 and 10 sessions and 10 to 18 at the level of body treatment. In both cases the result would be permanent with a review session every 1-2 months.


Press therapy is a mechanical lymphatic drainage is an alternative to the classical lymphatic drainage by manual massage.

It consists of applying a massage by air pressure controlled in localized parts of the body with which it can stimulate the lymphatic system and venous return, improving circulation and thereby reducing the accumulation of water or other substances that held the body (retention liquid or edema).

Fluid retention is a metabolic disorder that is caused by an imbalance in the level of bodily fluids, when blood vessels provide too much of fluids or tissues when they hold them, not transfer them back into the bloodstream. Similarly it occurs when lymphatic vessels are unable to transport excess fluid.

Pressure therapy works areas where fluid accumulation usually occurs: legs, trunk and abdomen. It is indicated to improve venous and lymphatic drainage as it acts promoting the reabsorption of liquids and toxins and relaxing the abdominal and intestinal muscles. Thus, manages to improve the functioning of the digestive system, it eliminates and prevents the development of cellulite, reduces swelling of the legs and increases elasticity and improves skin appearance, tonificándola.

To achieve visible results a total of between 12 and 14 sessions, twice a week should be made, and from the first day the patient will notice the results, especially if you have fluid retention problems.

Activate your circulation and reduces cellulite

Pressure therapy is similar to the manual lymph drainage treatment but done with a specialized team. It is a body massage that produces fluid drainage from the feet to the abdomen, also helping to eliminate excess accumulated blood in the veins (varices).

• Painless, with results from the 1st session

• Effective against obesity and cellulite

• Improves venous circulation in the legs and varicose veins is

• stimulates the muscles of the legs, it helps deshincharlas and relieves fatigue

• Machines Sorisa and Ballancer, world leaders in presoterapia

In a few sessions, the lymphatic circulation is restored, desinchan legs and fat and cellulite nodules begin to disappear

Combining technologies

The four mentioned reducing technologies must be combined to optimize performance and eliminate cellulite and fat effectively. To dissolve the fatty cellulite nodules, we start with ten sessions cavitation, two per week resting at least 72 h. between one session and the next. After each session of cavitation is required pressure therapy session, with which we drive the dissolved fat to be eliminated by the body. And finally, 20 minutes platforms and a walk of 30 minutes before boarding house, which will remove the fat.
During treatment or to end it, we will make 6 to 8 sessions radiofrequency to reaffirm the tissues due to the decrease in volume, have lost firmness.
Treatments at home
To ensure optimal results always necessary pre- and post-treatment preparation. Each of the above techniques has a different protocol, but in general we can include:
• High consumption of water, at least 2 liters a day. It is important that increased consumption is done before and after the session of cavitation
• Exercising need of breathing, which use oxygen as fuel because it is using fat as a primary energy source. Do it regularly for at least 30 minutes in any case perform it after the session of cavitation for fat consumed is the one you just dissolve.
• organized healthy diet, low in calories and fat.
• Using quality cosmetics and specially designed for treatment.
• Be consistent in the acquired healthy habits and conduct booster sessions..


This technique induces vasodilation and helps improve metabolism of adipose tissue, restoring the microcirculation is affected by cellulite.
This treatment increases the lymphatic drainage and increases skin permeability, in addition to having a significant trophic and anti-inflammatory effect.
It is useful as a complement to other non-invasive aesthetic treatments.

• Toning the skin.
• Acne problems.
• Cellulite.
• varices.
• Edema and circulatory problems.
• Lipo-sculpture.
• Tendinitis.
• capsular contracture in breast after an implant.
• contractures.
• Back pain.
• Fibrosis.
• Postoperative.
• Helps product penetration.

Aesthetic electrostimulation

Le electrostimulation is widely used in cosmetics mainly used to combat sagging technique. It is producing work in the area in which muscle contractions is applied, thus producing an effect of muscle training.

Through electrostimulation we can model the body contour and increase toning sagging muscles. We tell you how it is used, its type and contraindications.

The electrostimulation acts on the muscles, resulting in physiological contractions muscle fibers and allowing them to gain strength and endurance, also burning fat reserves located. In short: it acts on muscles as if exercise is done.

The electro-stimulator, yes, can act only on one or two muscles at a time. It is also interesting to note that the slimming effect is not caused by the direct action of electrostimulation on localized fat, but by draining action on the treated area. Complementing the electrostimulation is highly recommended aerobic exercise to stimulate fat loss.

Types of stimulation currents

The first machines were based on electro faradic currents, Kotz and sinusoidal now been overcome by new technologies.

Today impulses more effectiveness and patient comfort proporcinan us are:

• The TENS transcutaneous electrical stimulation pulses to nerve endings, works on sensory nerves.

• Muscular electrostimulation pulses EMS works on the motor nerves of the muscles.

• Pulses iontophoresis, interrupted at 4000 Hz, using painless electrical impulses through the skin.

There are different electrostimulation devices that ensure absolute comfort to the patient with a highly effective treatment.

Benefits of electrostimulation

• Allows isolation work one or two muscle groups that are weak or flabby.

• Train greater number of muscle fibers in a muscle that voluntary and active contraction.

• Get increased tone and reduce sagging without the physical effort involved in active exercise.

• No overload joint.

• It improves blood flow.

Contraindications of electrostimulation

Electrostimulation, despite being a harmless technique, is discouraged in some cases:

• serious or infectious diseases

• Cancer

• Fever over 38 °

• Heart diseases

• tumors in the digestive tract

• Pregnancy

• And patients considered unfit for professional physiotherapist for using stimulators or required to rest

You see, electrostimulation is a useful tool to firm and fight flaccidity, reshaping the silhouette traditional physical exercise faster and more efficiently.

Body mesotherapy

It is not a cosmetic surgery treatment. It is a noninvasive therapy that involves administering small doses of homeopathic products just under the skin. Body mesotherapy is performed with injections, though, they are not painful or cause little discomfort. These compounds applied progressively, will dissolve accumulated fats that are eliminated in the urine.

mesotherapy only causes discomfort, only punctures are made in the area to be treated and does not require anesthesia. After the injections is advisable to perform a draining manual massage to facilitate the movement of fats and they dissolve faster. We can return to our normal activity immediately, it does not require any further treatment or hospitalization. In addition, sessions are very short and just waste time to perform, and with a minimum of 10 and the results are appreciated.

In any part of the body in which there is localized fat except in the chest. It is very effective against – – cellulite.

– Buttocks

– thighs,

– abdomen

– double chin.

In addition to reducing volume, thanks to body mesotherapy also visibly improve the skin condition (goodbye to orange peel), which is soft and rejuvenated. Furthermore, compounds have also injected ant flaccidity effect. In general, it is highly recommended to eliminate those stubborn fats that do not fade-pray nor with diet, exercise or products because it attacks directly on them.

Before and after Mesotherapy …

You should avoid drinking alcohol. Monotherapy serves to eliminate accumulated toxins; if you add more because of alcohol, treatment will be much less effective.

The draining massage is quite important post.

We do not forget to drink a lot of water after each session. So we help more easily remove these dissolved fats through urine

Vacuum Therapy

Considered the best therapeutic alternative for cellulite and contoured body shapes. This technique refers to the use of a machine that through the principle of suction, or Vacuum, can basically stimulate the blood supply to the dermis and hypodermis producing striking improvements in skin appearance and shape. In a few sessions we will achieve our goals.

Vacuum therapy is a method that acts in depth and is ideal for treatments:

– Body Shaping.

– Cellulite Treatments

– pre and postoperative treatments

– Postpartum treatment

– Buttock lift

– Improved skin quality

– New alternatives in lymphatic drainage and reflex zone and connective tissue therapies.

Therapeutic indications:

– Muscle spasms.

– Muscle injuries.

– Sports injuries.

– Tired legs.

– Burn sequelae (hypertrophic scars).

– Muscle pain.

– Swelling or edema.

– Constipation.

– Fluid retention.

– Rheumatic problems, arthritis, osteoarthritis.

– Skin problems, acne, scars and cellulite.

– Digestive disorders.

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