About the waxing

The results of waxing are very effective: the hair needs up to 5 weeks to regrow (depending on skin type and hair), so the skin remains soft and pliable until then.
It is recommended that the hair removal is performed by a professional, this is not just a matter of risk avoidance, the expert also knows the correct application to achieve optimum results.
Different areas can be depilated: legs, underarms, bikini line, upper lip, chin, arms, back and chest.

Hair removal with hot wax

For thick hair the hair removal with hot wax is the most effective because the follicles are expanded by the heat and prevent the hair from breaking.

What is hot wax?

The hot wax is melted resin that surrounds the hair, whether it is short, thin or long. The hot wax presents itself as small balls, which are melted. It is applied to the skin with a wooden spatula or via roll-on. Once dry it is pulled off at once. The hot wax is very effective because the heat opens the pores and the hair can be removed more easily.

Cold Waxing – Roll On

Allows removing of the hair with its rootsdue to the low temperature no redness will be created, because it is less invasive for the skin.

This „coldtechnique is recommended for those women who suffer from circulatory problems or are prone to irritation by heat.


Half Leg30 min.40.-
complete Leg45 min.80.-
Armpits15 min.20.-
Bikini zone15 min.35.-
Bikini brazilian40 min.65.-
Legs, Bikini, Armpits85 min.130.-
chin10 min.10.-
Upper lip7 min.15.-
Arms30 min.50.-
Back (Men)45 min.70.-

Chest (Men)

Abdomem (Men)

Chest & Abdomen (Men)

45 min.

40 min.

50 min.




Magic White

Is an innovative cosmetic tooth whitening.
A white smile radiates beauty, youth and success.
There is nothing more beautiful than a healthy smile as white as snow.
A white smile is like a Hollywood smile.

Magic white is a Belgian manufacturer. It develops its own innovative products in the cosmetic dentistry. We are the first in the world with BLEACHING without peroxide, without pain, without sensitivity.
Today we have the most powerful formula on the market for a long-term result in an increasingly competitive field.

Magic White produces a line of patented products such as professional whitening gel (apple, mint, strawberry, bubble gum and orange flavors).
Gels are 100% naturally derived from organic materials with sodium bicarbonate. These are non-toxic, such as sodium, which is slightly found on the market as a low cost.
With our experience, a satisfied customer is a customer radiates the happiness and well-being.

• 21 minutes
• No pain
• No sensitivity
• Guaranteed results

Initial treatment CHF 299, – (a whitening treatment 2 x 21 minutes in a session)

Subsequent treatment CHF 99, – (Each additional treatment a 1 x 21 minutes in a session)