Laser Depilation

Who does not know the eternal plucking, plucking and epilation? Stop it and simply remove the unwanted hair permanently.For permanent hair removal, we have recently been using a diode laser of the latest generation. This diode laser is the fastest and most effective laser – with an optimal wavelength of 808 nm – for permanent hair removal.In this depilation method, the pulsed laser beam penetrates the tissue in fractions of a second and is absorbed by melanin (the hair dye) in the hair root and converted into heat.This thermal reaction leads to denaturing and desertification of the hair root. The special cooling technology and the pulsed laser light of the diode laser protect the skin surface and protect it from heating. This technology has proven to be very effective. But it is not only extremely effective, but also very skin-friendly and painless. So if you play with the idea of separating yourself from disturbing hair growth once and for all, you should consider this method of depilation.

What to consider before treatment

Hair must not be plucked, chopped or epilated at least 3 weeks prior to treatment, and must not be shaved 48 hours before treatment. You should also refrain from using depilament and bleaching creams. Avoid intensive sun exposure and solarium visits before treatment.

How does a treatment work?

After extensive discussion and information about the expected success of the treatment, the zone intended for treatment is shaved. Ultrasonic gel is then applied to the skin and then treated overlapping the area.

“The treatments with our diode laser are absolutely painless!”

Hairs that are in the growth phase are permanently removed. After treatment, the gel is removed again.

What is visible after treatment?

The hair root was desolate by the pulsed laser beam. In the next one to three weeks, the corresponding hair will fail. A slight redness may be possible after the treatment, but this disappears within a few hours.

Who can get treatment?

Women and men can be treated all over the body as well as on the face. The treatment works best for light skin and dark hair because there is more melanin in dark hair. But also people with lighter hair can be treated, as long as there is some melanin in the hair. In our studio, a trial treatment is done first in case of doubt. Since our diode laser is equipped with a pulse duration of up to 400 ms, it is also possible to treat dark pigmented and tanned skin.

How many treatments are required?

The number of treatments depends on the body region. Depending on the region, up to 25% of hair is in the growth phase. In principle, 4 to 8 treatments are to be expected. The treatments should take place at intervals of 4 to 6 weeks, as the hair grows at different ages depending on the body region.
Just come by and get expert and objective advice from our team or arrange a consultation appointment right away and have our specialist inspect the desired treatment zones. We will be happy to prepare an individual offer tailored to you.