Face Lifting


Microdermabrasion provides great benefits by minimizing fine to improve the appearance of pores, minor skin problems and signs of premature aging lines.

This procedure removes surface layers of dead and dull skin, stimulating renewal and increasing collagen production.


– Improves the tone, texture and color of treated skin from the first treatment areas.

– Eliminates oily or dull skin.

– Improves enlarged pores.

– Fine lines.

– mild scars caused by acne.

– mild skin problems (such as uneven pigmentation or poor texture).

– Improves circulation and lymphatic flow, which promotes internal skin health.


90 min. 190.- CHF

Radiofrequency Facial

The radiofrequency technique is based on electromagnetic waves applied on the skin, causing a rapid rotational movement of water molecules, which by friction generates heat. The production of greater or lesser heat depends on the impedance of the treated, i.e. the type of skin tissue. This increase in temperature is largely responsible for the results.

Radiofrequency treatments are indicated for:

– At facial level: lifting effect, skin tightening, rejuvenation (anti-aging), pore refining, wrinkle removal, light enhancement and improvement of dark circles and bags.

The number of sessions can be one or more, depending on the patient’s desired goal. If a minimal treatment is feasible Flash undergoes a facial or body treatment that, through a single session, the result can last up to four or five days.

If what is sought is a deep treatment, with longer term results, you must complete the treatment performed. In the case of facial care we are talking about 8 to 10 sessions and 10 to 18 at the level of body treatment. In both cases the result would be permanent with a revision session every 1-2 months.

Microdermabrasion with Radiofrequency

90 min. 190.- CHF


Mesotherapy is a highly effective therapeutic technique in aesthetic medicine, to treat diseases locally with prolonged action in situ.

It involves the application of pharmacological preparations, which vary according to the type and extent of the pathology to be treated, through a series of superficial and painless intradermal injections when the procedure is well performed.

In this way the drug acts directly on the affected area and with lower doses than those that would be required if applied by other means, such as orally or creams that are difficult to absorb.

Virtual facial mesotherapy

For years, injected mesotherapy has been the clear alternative to surgery. Today the new virtual mesotherapy manages to introduce by means of currents (electroporation) the same active ingredients previously injected.

– fills the skin of your face without annoying injections.

– instant rejuvenation and final results in 24 hours.

– State-of-the-art equipment and Germaine de Capuccini vial.

A painless and relaxing treatment

The difference between virtual mesotherapy and electroporation

To understand this new generation of mesotherapy, it is first necessary to explain where the technique originated, injected mesotherapy: it consists of applying microinjections of active ingredients in the middle layer of the skin. The active ingredients have different effects on the dermis, filling wrinkles, flaccidity, hydration, double chin, stretch marks, etc.

The moisturizing and regenerating products penetrate as hyaluronic acid, vitamins and amino acids.

Virtual mesotherapy by electroporation involves the emission of a low current that increases the permeability of the skin, opening its pores and allowing the surfactant applied to penetrate to the reticular dermis. Thus, the same effect is achieved with injected mesotherapy but without needles, safely and avoiding unpleasant bruising.

Electroporation is a scientifically tested cosmetic treatment, endorsed by prestigious universities and widely used in world reference hospitals and renowned aesthetic medicine centers.


Virtual mesotherapy is contraindicated in case of acute intestinal infection, cancer, heart disease, pacemakers, diabetes, hypertension, vein inflammation, skin disorders and suffering during pregnancy. Virtual mesotherapy should not be applied to the breast.

There are no known side effects of virtual mesotherapy.

The treatment is performed in an air-conditioned room with soundtrack and for individual use. Lying on a comfortable chair, the esthetician will perform the virtual mesotherapy facial session, these are the steps:

– diagnosis of your skin type, path and cream to use.

– make-up removal

– Implementation of the chosen path by electroporation of the equipment.

– facial massage

– flexibility

We will see the results after each session (flash effect) and the last 24-48 hours have the real result. A minimum of 8 sessions is necessary for an effective and lasting treatment.

Microdermabrasion with Mesotherapy

90 min. 280.- CHF