Face care

Hydradermie Treatment

The facial Star Treatment that beautifies all skin types

Ionization increases treatment efficacy.

Hydradermie is an exclusive treatment that restores a “new skin” in a little over an hour of relaxation, just as a “beauty treatment” done monthly restores a face that radiates beauty all year long.

90 min. – 150 CHF

Hydradermie Lift Treatment

The Lifting Treatment without the surgery

Stimulation shapes your face.

Hydradermie Lift was created to lift features through muscle stimulation. In the same way that you “sculpt” your body at the gym, this treatment, carried out by your Beauty Therapist, will have a lifiting effect on your face in just a few sessions. Where “anti-wrinkle” injections paralyze muscles in order to lift the skin, Hydradermie Lift revitalizes them: a more natural and less painful process that is visible by the end of the treatment!

90 min. – 170 CHF

Hydradermie Lift Yeux Treatment

The lifting of eye contours

A fantastic progress in eye area treatments.

Hydradermie Lift Yeux is known to provide a lifting effect to the eye area. Carried out by your Beauty Therapist, this treatment will restore an instantly relaxed eye area right from the first session, or as a course of treatments, it will provide a lifted and rejuvenated eye contour with fast and lasting results. Where “anti-wrinkle” injections paralyze muscles in order to lift the skin, Hydradermie Lift Yeux revitalizes them: a more natural and less painful process that is visible by the end of the treatment!

60 min. – 100 CHF

Aromatic Treatment

Beautify the skin with Essential Oils and Plant Concentrates

The secret powers of nature enhance skin beauty.

Nature has created remedies, which have healed mankind for over 10,000 years.

75 min. – 110 CHF

Liftosome Treatment

With Pro Collagene – Rejuvenates the facial features

With age and fatigue, the skin slackens and loses tone. The Liftosome treatment gives your face new youthfulness and firmness by reducing the marks of time.

The Liftosome treatment also restores radiance and vitality to clear away marks during periods of fatigue.

Your Beauty Therapist prepares specifically for you an exclusive treatment with Pro Collagene which promotes the skin’s elasticity. During the treatment, the gentle heat of the Thermolift Mask provides new energy to regenerate the skin’s firmness.

75 min. – 120 CHF

Beauté Neuve Treatment

Double Peeling with Fruit Acids and ‘pure’ Vitamin C

Results: anti-aging cell renewal, youthful radiance and anti-pigmentation actions.

With fatigue, stress or age, skin loses its radiance and elasticity and pigmentation marks may appear. The epidermis is blocked by dehydrates cells: cell renewal slows, the complexion appears dull or congested. One treatment to restore radiance or a course of three treatments for an anti-pigmentation or lightening effect, removes the dead cells and helps the skin to fully breathe again.

75 min. – 110 CHF


Mesotherapy stimulates the mesoderm (mid-dermis), or middle layer of skin, with microinjections of conventional or homeopathic medication and/or vitamins to deliver treatment to a specific area of the body. Created by Dr M Pistor in France in 1952, mesotherapy is now practiced in many countries around the world in a variety of cosmetic applications including cellulite and fat reduction and skin rejuvenation. In this country, only medical practitioners may use mesotherapy.
Mesotherapy uses different injection techniques according to the patient’s concerns, delivering the ingredients to different depths but typically quite shallow: 4-6mm. Many of these are not even felt as the skin is pinched prior to and during the injections. Since the injections are very superficial, they disperse very slowly and travel down to deeper tissues.

Treatments are usually a course of ten for fat and cellulite reduction and six for skin rejuvenation, given once a week. The patient is then assessed to determine an on-going programme of maintenance. In some cases, a further full course of treatment may be recommended.

90 min. 210 CHF