Eyebrows & Eyelashes

Color and curls

The eyes are the most sensual and seductive part of the face and express many of our emotions and feelings.
Any correction and retouching of an imperfection will help us achieve a silky, bright, and attractive expression and we will undoubtedly feel much more confident.
This effect can be enhanced with a simple and harmless technique that ensures a fresh and natural look: this technique consists of gluing two small curlers and applying a special liquid for curling, curling once, the eyelashes can be additionally colored.

This treatment lasts about a month and also allows you to do without mascara.

Eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions look absolutely natural and beautiful.

The application is done with the eyes closed in the chair. The application takes about 2 ½ to 3 hours and is very pleasant, so most clients fall asleep and wake up with beautiful eyes. The first look in the mirror is the reward of the job. Only excellent materials are used for meticulous application to ensure good durability. At periodic refill appointments, lashes that fell out due to their natural growth cycle will be replaced. Every 2-4 weeks is the time to close the gaps.

The benefits of our eyelash extensions:

  • Live your usual way of life, they are water and cosmetic resistant.You can shower or swim without worry.Comfortable to wear, relaxing and painless to apply.You will have bright eyes in every situation.Our eyelashes can be safely applied even suitable for use with glasses and lenses.

    No matter whether you want to look elegant, shiny and luxurious or simple: you define your own look.

    20 pcs. – 50 min. 180 CHF
    40 pcs. – 90 min. 240 CHF
    60 pcs – 270 min. 320 CHF

    Refresh 20 pcs. after 2 weeks 85 CHF
    Refresh 40 pcs. after 3 weeks 100 CHF
    Refresh 60 pcs. after 4 weeks 120 CHF