Extensions of Eyelashes

Extensions of eyelashes and eyebrows

They say that the face is the mirror of the soul, but above all it is the first thing everyone sees, including yourself, every morning when you look in the mirror. Every little detail of your face must be carefully looked after: eyelids, cheeks, lips, eyelashes … and of course eyebrows, those forgotten ones that can completely change your appearance if they are neglected.

Eyebrows with a thickness and color suitable highlight the look, highlight facial features and redound on our beauty, but some women do not have them because of excess hair removal in that area, by chemical treatments or doctors who made them lose the hair or simply lack of them since birth.

If you follow our blog, you know that Vanitas Espai is always looking for the ultimate in beauty: We present a novel extension service eyebrow hair by hair: a service that will fix forever the lack of expression and will help you feel more and more beautiful day and radiant.

Eyebrow extensions are similar to hair extensions eyelash hair, which as you know is one of our specialties.

How does it work?

The operation is very similar to the eyelash extensions:

• Each eyebrow has a hair type and thickness. First, we analyze the color and type of hair your natural to decide on the type and color of hair right for you eyebrow.

• We decided the shape and density of eyebrows you want. Our aestheticians will advise on how and thickness is the most highlight the expressiveness of your face.

• Once chosen, they are applied to the desired area small hairs near the royal mink hairs on your eyebrows. The hairs are very similar to natural hair of your eyebrows. The application process is really simple:

• First cleaning is performed: This step is very important because it helps to remove fat from the skin so that the used glue adheres better to the skin and the result is more durable.

• Excess natural eyebrow hairs to place more easily glue on which mink hairs adhere is also removed. Mink hairs are glued directly to the hair and eyebrows or not the skin, so that no damage or skin irritation occurs.

• Finally, if necessary, the implants are trimmed to provide eyebrows perfect harmony and ensure the desired result.

How do i know if i need extensions eyebrows?

· In case of short eyebrows or that you’re not comfortable by form or style

· In case of lack of hair on eyebrows

· In case of very unpopulated eyebrows or hair very clear that hardly can be seen

· If you do not like the look of your eyebrows, just


· The extensions allow us to fill those empty areas of hair and give definition to eyebrows.
· These hair extensions last approximately 2 to 3 weeks may vary depending on the number of implanted hair and genetic conditions of the person.
· Eyebrows extensions require the same type of maintenance lash extensions.