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Makeup is the art of beautifying the face, adapting to different tastes of fashions, through specifically designed cosmetics, using all color.

It is an art, indeed, that allows us to make the most of the features of an individual, change the hue, brightness, oiliness, color, etc.., of the skin, hide imperfections, highlight certain features, customize the look of the face according to fashion trends.

In principle, makeup means applying color based on a fad, a special time of day, and / or personal taste. However, at the time of makeup, the professional looks the “model” in the face, and tries to modify its proportions, if necessary, in search of balance, in order to highlight the most attractive places, hide imperfections, etc.

Makeup should be discreet and give a natural touch, or otherwise, will be accentuated when you want a sophisticated look, but it should always be harmonious and appropriate to the person’s features, style and personality …

Makeup day 40 min. 50. –
Makeup night 60 min. 70.

Makeup for prides

Makeup is
 a really important point of your wedding dayand you should remain bright for many hours.

Our job is to make the best out of you, we will listen to you to determine a concept of what you want for your wedding.

Let us be part of your staff and together we can achieve the image you have of yourself for that special day.

Our team will be glad to help ensuring that you are a happy brideradiant and most importantlya woman who keeps his own personality through a professional makeup that highlights her natural beautywithout dramatic changesto make you look gorgeous in the videothe ceremony and photos that represent the day ofyour wedding.

Trust a professional to look perfect on those occasions and make the best of you!

Makeup for brides (incl. test) 180. 

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