The studio "Natural Beauty" is composed of a diverse range of cosmetics, thalassotherapy, relaxation treatments and therapeutic treatments. The focus is on the holistic body awareness so that any treatment for relaxation experience.

Welcome to Natural Beauty

My name is Granda Soledad for many years for me is the aesthetics and the beauty very important. After training and further education as a beautician, was to open my desire own beauty farm.

Therapeutic-Medical Cosmetics is a new specialty cosmetics.

There is cooperation between the doctor and beautician. We work in a network of qualified beauticians and doctors in institutions throughout Switzerland. Learn highest competence, innovative treatment concepts latest technology and high-quality product lines, embedded in the unique world of healthy wellbeing.

Therapeutic cosmetics deals with the scientific ways to care for the skin and healthy and beautiful to get. Cooperation between cosmetics and medicine complements and optimizes medical measures, so that you feel comfortable as long as possible and sustainable in your skin.

I make further myself and treat anti-aging, rosacea, skin analysis, skin lesions, pigments, age spots, peelings, different body treatments and care consultation are the focus of my activity.

Happy people feel good in your skin.

Take time for yourself and join openly in my Natural Beauty Center over.

I look forward to meeting you!

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